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5 Herbal Treatments for Abdominal Adhesions


Herbal Treatment for Abdominal Adhesions Abdominal Adhesions happen when internal tissues and organs in the abdominal cavity stick together. Usually, these tissues and organs have slippery surfaces and they do not stick together as the body moves. Though, sometimes, and generally after an abdominal surgery, the internal tissues and organs dry out or build up …

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Wonderful Natural Herbs to Treat Abdominal Adhesions Pain


Abdominal pain is a painful sensation that is felt in between the chest and pelvic areas. Abdominal Adhesions pain is also called a stomach ache and can be achy, intermittent, or excruciating. Causes of Abdominal Adhesions Abdominal pain can be due to various Causes of Abdominal Adhesions such as the presence of ulcers in the …

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Pregabalin Reduces Abdominal Pain and Improves Sleep in Women with Adhesions

Abdominal Adhesions

Pregabalin, FDA-approved for neuropathic pain (pain caused by shingles and peripheral neuropathy), effectively reduced abdominal pain and improved sleep in women with adhesions, according to a Henry Ford study. Adhesion pain, a common complication after abdominal or pelvic surgery, currently lacks effective therapy. Abdominal Adhesions can also form after infections in the bowel such as …

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